Gingerbread Reindeer Biscuits

I don’t know about you but I love festive food, it makes me even more exited that Christmas is just round the corner! So I decided to share with you a little festive snack that is very simple, cute and delicious to make.


These snacks are so simple because if you actually look at them upside down, they are the shape of gingerbread men! Therefore you do not have to make a totally different shape of biscuits with fresh handmade dough, if you do not have the time. You can buy some gingerbread men from the supermarket and create from there. This makes these snacks so quick to make and because you don’t have to fuss with making dough correctly they are easy and even more fun! However if you would like to make fresh dough you can of course, but I thought of sharing this snack because they can be made very easily.

You will need:

A box of gingerbread men (your choice of amount depending on how many biscuits you would like to make)

Colored icing (you can buy this at the supermarkets, brands such as Dr.Oetker sell this)

Smarties and other sweets to decorate

Then the only step is to decorate! Turn your gingerbread man upside down and create reindeer horns on the legs of the gingerbread man (you can do this in whatever color icing you prefer). Next on the belly of the gingerbread man place dots of icing sugar however you would like and decorate with your chosen sweets, the icing sugar will help the sweets to stick in place. Then with your preferred color of icing, design ears on the arms of the gingerbread man. After that, place three dots of icing in a triangle on the head of the gingerbread man then on the top two dots add two blobs of black icing for the eyes, and on the third dot place a red smartie for the nose.

Leave your reindeers in the fridge to set for around half an hour (or just till your icing has hardened) this will make sure that your sweets stay in place. Then they are ready to eat! Yum …

These will be perfect for little Christmas gifts that you can make multiple of then put in cute decorative bags and give them to your friends and family.

Enjoy xxx